Democratic system to become a moderator - Votación para ser moderador from John's blog

If you want to be a moderator let me know.

We will allow other people to vote.

If after at least 60 votes you get at least 75% of the votes in your favour then you can be a moderator.

Si quieres ser moderador avísame.
Haremos una votación.
If despues de por lo menos 60 votos tienes por lo menos 75% a favor puedes ser moderador.

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The Wall

Alex Fraser Nov 20 '11
John, i would like to become a moderator, please contact me
Yoletti Nov 20 '11
lol doggy, im with you :)
John Nov 20 '11
You can vote here:
JUDAS Nov 20 '11
No apareces en la lista Follow :(, sólo está Jaime y Peace
John Nov 20 '11
Follow can now be voted for
JUDAS Nov 20 '11
If Follow can be a moderator... why not me? I WANNA BE THE CHAT ADMIN!
Por el bien de
VOTE 4 ME ;)
JUDAS Nov 20 '11
la única flood que tuvo, tiene y tendrá inmunidad, vaya a saber porque, es la marroquí "norah_". Se la pasa molestando, escribiendo en otros idiomas y rezando
Yoletti Nov 21 '11
wow, what's all this fighting about... since when voting for a moderator has become such a headache???? come on guys..... Really... :D
John Nov 21 '11
Anything inloving human being involves intrigue, stress, trouble, fighting and occasionally joy.
Yoletti Nov 21 '11
haha, i like your comment... sooo true :)
.. well that makes me feel so much better!! lol
JUDAS Nov 21 '11
Norah, adm me like friend
JUDAS Nov 21 '11
yo me ofrezco para ser el padrino de la boda
Shady Dec 5 '11
I want to be a moderator, I'm serious, reliable and I would keep the chat clean
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By John
Added Nov 20 '11


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