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John Nov 20 '11
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Here we can talk about the existence of god or not.
John Nov 20 '11
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You can vote on this here.
It is the third vote down.

John Nov 20 '11
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I don't believe in God.
When I die I will stop existing.
The only existence I will have is as a human being.

No god or omnipotent being controls what happens.
Yoletti Nov 21 '11
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It doesn't make a great deal of sense to start debating the existence of God before having a clear understanding of the nature of this debate itself. being clear on wht is being debatd(God) is certinly vital, but no less vital are the qustions lke wether there is any point to the debae in the first place, the ground rules for this debate and the purpose for debting. without having those in place, you are much likely to just talk in circles nd never get anywhere.After all, what the point of this debating to thepossble existence of God, if no one has tried to come to some sortof agrrement as to wat they man by "God"? :)
John Nov 21 '11
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By God I mean a being or concept present in most religions going by the name of.
Alah, Jehova,  YAHWEH etc. This god tends to be an omnipotent being who controls everything. However we do have free will and we can decide what to do. We can be either good or evil. At the end of your life you are judged by god. If you have followed the rules then after your normal life you will go to heaven if you have been bad then you will go to hell. God can see everything that it happening to everyone at all times.  
Francina Nov 25 '11
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You surprise me everyday my cheerleader. For the record, I am neither Muslim nor Jewish no matter what Norah might say about me. I do not believe in god, neither a hell, but i do believe in heaven. IDK how to describe my beliefs. haha

Just my two cents :)

John Nov 25 '11
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I don't need to believe in God in order to be a good citizen and to be good to other people I just do it because I want to. In most cases it is  a good thing if people believe that God is watching them because they will behave better when nobody is watching. The worst people are the people who claim to be religious and then do the opposite of what the religion says for example :- Pedophile Priests - The Taliban - Suicide bombers -  The Spanish Inquisition - Very right wing preachers in the USA -

Notes for Spanish speakers -
Behave = comportarse
Do the opposite = hacer lo contrario

to claim to + inf: they claim to have found the truth =  dicen o aseguran haber encontrado la verdad - (se usa "claim to" para expresar duda en lo que se dice)
Por ejemplo: He claims to be the best footballer in the world but many other people beleive that he is not
The Mormon Church Claims to be the Only True Church

Peter Griffin Nov 25 '11
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My wife Lois drags us down to the church every Sunday. I'd much rather be drinking beers while fishing on the lake or down the Clam with my friends. My father was a strict catholic and this put me off religion. Does God exist? I don't know and I don't really care.
NORAH Nov 26 '11
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John Nov 26 '11
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We have eventually had to ban Norah because of her horrible rascism and obnoxiousness towards the other users and in particular to a member who is a Jew.

I don't believe in God but I do believe that we should respect the religions of other people. (even if we beleive that they are ridiculous) 

People say that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.  If you do a google search to try to find examples of this you only find lots of web sites disputing this and giving examples from the Koran with very negative things said about Jews and non believers. According to wikipedia "Many Quranic verses preach tolerance towards the Jews; others make hostile remarks about them". So there are some parts of the Koran which preach tolerance and peace.

In my opinion both the bible and the Quiran can be interpreted in many ways. Did you know that in the bible it says that you must not eat shellfish? Religious people can choose which parts of the Koran or the Bible to believe in. Let's hope they choose the parts which promote tolerance and peace.

Norah has chosen to believe the parts of Islam which promote hatred and violence towards Jews. This is not the only interpretation of Islam.

If religious people choose to follow the parts of their religion which promote hatred and intolerance then yes we are doomed.

The Forum post is edited by John Nov 26 '11
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A fair decision. I was wondering how long you were going to tolerate that kind of behaviour.

John Nov 28 '11
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Here is a list of words connected with the church in English and Spanish
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John... el asunto no es si Dios existe o no... es si tu crees que eres tan importante como ser humano... para entender que estas haciendo aquí en la tierra... después de eso puedes preguntarte si vienes a algo superior o no... 

I could not write you in English because I don't know so much... I just hope that you've undertood  something about it! 
Peter Dec 28 '11
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All religions not just Mormons believe they are the one true church.
Personally I don't believe in a diety who presides over us all but I do believe in something greater than us. When I die I'll continue in some form or another even if I'm not aware of it. Physics 101 says that energy can never be destroyed but can only change form.
Religion has it's place and I respect all religions and ideas even if I don't agree with them. Religion also has many things to answer for.
I find it hard to believe in anything that teaches love for everyone in one breath then condemns them all to hell for not sharing it's beliefs.
As far as the bible vs Koran.. Weren't they both translated from the same texts? Even if it was the word of god at some point, it has been so diluted by men that I doubt it has much validity anymore.
Anyway, that's my tupence worth.
I love you all regardless of your religion, colour, gender or sexuality. *HUGGLES*
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I believe this "something greater than us" are the phenomena of science, some sort of energy maybe, we haven't discovered yet. In the past people believed the Sun was a god and electricity was magic. I think as the world progresses, we will discover them one by one and the concept of God will gradually disappear. To me, religion is a concept created by people as an answer to many questions that can't be answered by today's science. It's fine as long as it keeps people from acting immorally.
Peter Dec 28 '11
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But I WANT to act immorally.. At least with the ladies ;)
What is immoral anyway?
So long as I'm not hurting anyone I'm happy with me. :D
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That's what I meant by acting immorally: hurting others. Killing etc. The problem is, some religions actually encourage you to hate and kill others and that's why I'm not such a fan of religion in general.
Dudo Mucho Oct 20 '12
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Very nice debate;
I agree, that an omnipotent being can't exist, it's a matter of logic. It immediately leads to contradictions; assumptions that lead to contradictions are to be regarded false.

What does exist is an obvious need of human beings to have an explanation for their existence; that's a very emotional thing, so it has to be respected, but they are still wrong. Thousands of years ago, mankind had no explanation for their existence, so they invented one to feel less alone. Only recently, in the past 100 years or so, do we know enough about the world around us, to understand that it's all Mathematics and Physics. That's hard to grasp for many, too hard, so they stick to God. That's fine, as long as they don't use it as a pretext to extend their power, which is what with 99% of religions 99% of the time throughout history really happened.

All big religions have a horrible history of bloodshed, suffering, fear and terror against the "un-believers", religion was always used to gather incredible forces, and foster archaic instincts of man, to kill others in the name of God; others, that did the same, with the same justification. Religions exist, God doesn't.

(More generally, beliefs exist, not necessarily religions; we all are capable of doing horrible things in the name of beliefs, religions, ideologies, why is that so?). That's the crux with moral; it is subject to your point of view, which is your belief. Killing is always "justified" by some moral, that's why it's never really justified.

When we die, we de-compose into the elements we are made of, we are all made of star-dust and that's where we all end up in a few hundreds of millions of years. 

The only reason to exist, is to enjoy life and help others to do that, too.

(That's more or less what Kant sad, with his Categorical Imperative, and as far as I know, nothing better has been said, since.)

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