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John Nov 24 '11
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Some people like Christmas some people hate it. What do you think? - Que opinas de navidad ¿te gusta o no?
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Adriana Nov 24 '11
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A mi no me gusta que mientras algunas personas disfrutan de la vida con lujos y comodidades, existen otras que pasan hambre. Me da pena que algunos vivan en abundancia y otros en carencia. En navidad se ve la diferencia incluso más.

I don't like the fact that  that while some people enjoy life with luxury and comforts  there are other people who go hungry. It's a shame that some people live with plenty other live with shortages. At christmas the difference is even more apparent.
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Borat Nov 24 '11
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In Kazakhstan we celebrate Christmas on the  7th of  January and our new year  celebration  is the 14th of January. In the days of the Russian occupation we were not allowed to celebrate Christmas. At christmas we drink too much vodka and we eat kutya which is a special porridge. My mother throws a spoonful of Kutya up to the ceiling and if it sticks we know that there will be a good harvest next year.

Notes for Spanish speakers
Porridge = copos de avena con leche caliente
Ceiling = techo
Spoonful = cucharada
If it sticks = si pega
Harvest = cosecha
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Deleted user Dec 29 '11
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I'm a Grincha and I hate Christmas. It's just an excuse to celebrate.  People feign a change of attitude that disappears shortly after the holidays end. Besides, Santa Claus never brings me what I ask in my letters. With the coal I've accumulated all these years I could have a barbecue for everybody in espanglishchat.

Soy un grinch y odio la navidad, es solo un pretexto más para festejar. Las personas fingen un cambio de actitud que desaparece al poco tiempo que terminan las fiestas. Además, Santa Claus nunca me trae lo que le pido en mis cartas. Con el carbón que he acumulado todos estos años puedo hacer una barbacoa para todos en espanglish.  

Sorry for my bad english. I have some years in espanglishchat and i never was worried to practice. ::unsure

I corrected a couple of things in the text above:
Coal = The back rock that is mined from the ground.
Charcoal = Wood that has been burned with insufficient oxygen (used in Barbecues)
Carbon = In English we use carbon in a more scientific way. Carbon is the element carbon.

In Spanish cultures the presents are given on the 6th of January and rather than Santa Claus the presents are brought by the 3 kings. If a child has not been good then they are given coal.  
From wikipedia:
La noche del 5 de enero los niños deben dejar sus zapatos en algún lugar de la casa. Al día siguiente se encuentran allí los regalos o, en el caso de haber sido malos, carbón en su lugar.

I looked up the word Grinch because I had never heard it before.
the Grinch the main character in a story for children by the US writer Dr Seuss called How the Grinch Stole Christmas. He is a nasty, unkind green creature who almost spoils Christmas.
[countable] American English a very bad-tempered person

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Deleted user Jun 4 '12
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I looked up the word Grinch because I had never heard it before
Miguel Feb 25 '13
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i always thought that christmas was for children, so i never celebrate as the people do...i only make some chocolate and a big cake in the morning of the next day...that's it..............
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