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John Nov 24 '11
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Jobs you hated . Bad experiences at work. El peor empleo que has tenido
John Nov 25 '11
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When I was about 19 years old I worked for 1 day as a turkey plucker. First a man wrung the turkey's neck. Then it started flapping and the neck often sprayed blood over our faces. We hung the turkey upside down by it's feet and plucked it. The temperature was about 2C and the turkeys could see what was going to happen to them. It was disgusting I only lasted one day. I should have become a vegetarian.

Help for Spanish speakers.
Turkey = Pavo - Wring = retorcer Irregular verb Wring Wrung Wrung.
Flap = batir las alas
Spray = Salpicar -  Pluck = Desplumar - Disgusting = Repugnante.
Last = Durar (aqui significa aguantar)
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Peter Griffin Nov 25 '11
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I have been a  toymaker a  knight and a fisherman. The worst job was  as a fisherman. We got shipwrecked and then had to live on a desert island for six months. I got so hungry I had to eat my handicapped friend's legs. We were eventually rescued from the island by a passing cruise ship. When I got home I discovered that my wife Lois had married my dog but fortunately after a week she divorced him and came back to me.
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Adriana Nov 25 '11
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Pues no sé de qué te quejas. Vivía durante tres meses en Cordoba con mi familia en una chabola sin agua ni luz. Tenía que despertarme a las 6 de la mañana, limpiar la chabola, ir a trabajar sin descanso 14 horas al día, todos los días de la semana, por 20 duros a la semana, y cuando volví a casa nuestro padre nos golpeaba con su cinturón hasta que nos dormíamos.

Help for English speakers:
Quejarse = complain
Chabola = a makeshift house often found in shanty towns on the edge of cities.
Duros = a duro was 5 pesetas (before the euro)
Descanso = rest or break
Despertarse = get up
Limpiar = clean
Golpear = hit
Cinturón = belt

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John Nov 25 '11
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Lo nuestro sí que era duro. Tenía que salir de nuestra casa de cartón a las 12 de la noche y limpiar la carretera con un cepillo de dientes. Para desayuno tomábamos dos vasos de agua sucio con leche de cerda, trabajábamos 24 horas sin ningún descanso por 25 céntimos cada cuatro años, y al volver a casa nuestro padre nos cortaba en dos con un cuchillo de pan.

Help for English speakers:
Duro = hard
cartón = cardboard
Carretera = road, highway
Cepillo de dientes = toothbrush
Cerda = sow
Un cuchillo de pan = Breadknife

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Deleted user Nov 26 '11
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You think you had it hard?
When I was young we slept in a cardboard box in the road, and had to get up at 4 AM to work in the coal mine.  For breakfast we had raw cockroaches that my mother would collect from the hospital kitchen where she worked as a doormat.
when we got home my father would beat us to death on a regular basis.

Notes for Spanish speakers:
Cockroaches = cucarachas
Raw = crudo
Doormat = Felpudo
Beat to the death = matar a golpes
Would aquí antes del verbo es para enfatizar que pasó frecuentemente es como "solía"

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John Nov 28 '11
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Here is a list of profesions in English and Spanish
Mere Dec 19 '11
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por la gracia de Dios no he tenido un trabajo que diga esto a sido lo peor, pero por mi profesión mi trabajo es muy duro, muchas veces no duermes, no comes, hasta te cuesta un poco hacer vida social, pero es lo que elegi y lo amo, gracias a Dios no he tenido malos jefes y si algun que otro tropiezo pero eso me ha servido para ayudarme en muchos aspectos de la vida :)
Styles Mar 21 '12
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I worked at an adult mental institute(Cearcy Hospital) my sophomore year in college.  I was a mental health worker and had to care for incompetent patients. I went to work having no idea of what I would see from day to day. I would get cursed out and threatened on a daily basis. That didn't bother me. It was the diaper changing, bathing, and shaving that I could barely handle. After seeing someone purposely 'dump' in the shower(I wont go into detail), then being elbowed in the neck later that day, I called it quits.
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