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John Nov 27 '11
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What is your favorite film? Why do you like it? What is the film about?

¿Cual es tu película favorita? ¿Porque te gusta? ¿de que se trata la pelicula?
John Nov 27 '11
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Groundhog Day  El día de la marmota

Phil Connors who is a weatherman travels with a TV crew to do a report in a small American town. After making the TV report it is very bad weather so they have to stay overnight in a hotel. No matter how hard he tries he always wakes up at the same moment every morning. He is trapped in time. The film is mainly about his attempts to make his attractive colleague Rita fall in love with him. He has an infinite amount of time to become the perfect man for her.

Notes for Spanish speakers
TV crew = equipo de  filmación
a report = un informe
it is very bad weather = hace mal tiempo
No matter how hard he tries = Por mucho que le esfuerce
colleague = compañera de trabajo
fall in love = enamorarse
to become = llegar a ser
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John Nov 27 '11
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Forest Gump
Forest Gump me hizo reir y llorar , tiene muchos mensajes positivos y uno de ellos es que a veces en la vida debemos de amar a las personas como son y ofrecer amistad incondicional

Notes for Spanish learners
me hizo reír y llorar = made me laugh and cry
uno de ellos = one of them
a veces en la vida = sometimes in life
amistad incondicional = unconditional friendship

Xina de Madrid Dec 29 '11
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The Quiet Man ----El Hombre Tranquilo

Es una pelicula de John Ford con John Wayne y Maureen O'Hara.
Es antigua pero es una de mis favoritas.
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One of my favourite Spanish films. 14 m 32 s: the famous conejo scene. Parental advisory 18+ ;)
Oscar Apr 10 '12
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Limitless , is a good film, I have more favorites movies but this like to me :)
Adriana Apr 10 '12
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50 First Date... funny and romantic... Thats all than I need!
Marisa Aug 20 '12
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I don't have only one favourite film or only one genre of film, either. But a film I liked a lot was "Sixth Sense" ("Sexto Sentido" in Spanish) with Bruce Willis.

It's about a child psychologist who is trying to help a boy  that has a terrible problem: he can communicate with spirits who don't know they're dead and ask him for help. The psychologist (played brilliantly by Bruce Willis) has had another very difficult case like this in the past which he couldn't solve , so it's very important for him to be able to help this child. The story is very well told

and has a surprising ending.

Marisa Aug 20 '12
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I liked Forrest Gump ,too. A great film because it shows what we need to see more often: human values!
Laura Andrea Aug 22 '12
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Twilight Saga

I think everybody knows what this saga is about, it's quite famous in my opinion.

In Twilight Isabella Swan (Allias: Bella) moves to his father's house in Forks (Washington). There in the highschool she meets Edward Cullen and she falls in love with him and discovers that he and his family are all vampires. 

InNew Moon Edward and the other vampires leave Forks to protect her from all the things related to the vampire's world. Bella falls into a big depression after Edward leaves her. Jacob a wolf man becomes her best friend and falls in love with her but she still loves Edward. 

In Eclipse she engages to Edward, and in Breaking Dawn she finaly gets married to him, and they have a daughter, Renesmee, at the end Bella gets what she always wanted since they were together... become a Vampire.

If there is any mistake in this summary, I would appreciate you to tell me.

David Keener Oct 22 '12
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Mi película favorita es "Momento" con Guy Pierce. Es muy emocionante y la retrocede - entonces es un poco complicada. También, estoy de acuerdo con Marisa - Forrest Gump se enseña como ser un buen ser humano.
maria Jan 3 '13
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It s complicated with meryl streetp
maria Jan 3 '13
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It s complicated with meryl streetp
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