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Religion is good

For people who believe that religon is good. Please tell us why religion is good.
Created: Feb 11 '12 · Admin: Adriana


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Benedict onyekwe Dec 27 '12
nos da moral y los valores
Laura Andrea Aug 22 '12
Well, I think it's good because it teaches us about what is right and what is wrong, with just one purpose, make a better world, where everybody cares and loves one's neighbour. Sometimes religion is misinterpreted, and people make lots of mistakes, but that's not religion fault. So I think religion is like a little conscience which tells us what's better to do, what at the end will make us happy.
Bob W Jul 8 '12
It reminds us of who we are - and aren't.

Don't know how to say that in spanish...
Rohan Nest Jun 27 '12
hola! Quiero hablar de por que la religion es bueno.
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