• Kasia/ chatadicta/ scarlett As there have been comments, let me elaborate a bit on the new solution to flooding:

    Contrary to the popular belief, the moderators here are not power junkies who get off at banning people. Quite the opposite, really, most moderators do not even join the chat with their mod nicks unless they really have to. People get tired with the function, especially lately, when a flooder has been joining with new ips and nicks and we were busy banning him instead of enjoying the chat. Users got angry, too, because they were getting an impression that moderators weren't doing their “job” properly, the “Ignore” function didn't help much as the flooder was using many nicks.

    As the flooder keeps coming back with new ips and nicks, we have come up with a new, improved solution to the problem: users should use the function available in “Options”, which consists in choosing the chatters you want to chat with instead of ignoring the ones you don't want to read. So basically: when the flooder appears, you use the function as described below:

    Opciones -> Msg Filters -> View msgs from certain users only -> Add everyone BUT the flooders to your list.

    The solution is brilliant in its simplicity: it solves the problem of the flooder joining with new nicks as every new nick is ignored by default UNTIL you add it to your personal list. Of course it has the drawback of having to add newcomers to your list (remember, you only use it when the flooder is online, so it won't be too much hassle to take a look at the list from time to time and add newcomers), but on the other hand, it also solves the problem of users who aren't flooders but who generally join the chat to make you angry and who re-enter with new nicks when they see they are being ignored. 3 clicks and you've got them quitados de encima for longer. Even if you add them to your list by mistake, you can easily delete them from it. Great, don't you think? :)

    Also, it makes EVERY chatter completely independent from the moderators, that is, it doesn't matter whether a moderator is online or not, the flooder can be easily left flooding noone but themselves. Wooh! As I said, we are not obsessed with power, we WANT chatters to be empowered and we're very happy that you are now able to manage your personal user lists yourselves. We all remember that flooders were always choosing the hours when no mod was online. This era is over for good!

    Now, a word of explanation. It is not that mods are lazy and don't want to do their job. The new solution appeared because the flooders were trying to make us jump to their piping, keeping us busy banning them as they flood and re-join with new nicks or making people leave to a private room because the flooder decided that a group of people was supposed to leave and was flooding until the objective was completed. So we're basically giving them our middle finger! :) From now on, you can stay in the room and laugh in their faces and at the same time, you don't need to suffer from their flooding because they're on permanent ignore :) Lovely, huh? The first signs of their fury are already starting to be visible as they're starting to understand that in this chat, flooding is OVER for good! Yippeeeeeeee!

    Happy chats everyone and please make sure the information is spread each time a flooder joins the chat so that people are informed. You can simply copy paste from here:

    The ultimate solution to flooding: Opciones -> Msg Filters -> View msgs from certain users only -> Add everyone BUT the flooders to your list.
    La solución del problema de flooding: Opciones -> Msg Filters -> View msgs from certain users only -> Agrega a todos menos el flooder a tu lista.
    Nov 13 '12 · 9 
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