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22-year-old Mexican male living in Wisconsin, USA. Feel free to add me, message me, whatever. =) R.I.P. Galilea & drina. These are users who used to come to the chat but have died if you know of anyone else who has died please let me know so I can add them to the list, thanks. bye.


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  • José/Chúy and Mornin Glory are now friends
    May 9 '13 
  • José/Chúy WTF??? Jugador tells me to stop acting like a 12 year old and I quote him and then daisy says sigma is cute and Jugador says "Si lo es" and then I ask Jugador if he is gay (If Jugador is gay) and he or John kicks me! Jugador is a horrible mod he likes to push people's buttons and acts like he's innocent and abuses his powers!
    May 9 '13 
  • Apr 10 '13
  • José/Chúy commented on their status
    "Este tiempo le pertenece al amor/Este mundo ya no te tiene temor/500 años de dolor se fue como un viento del Creador/Ometeotl sagrada filosofia tu eres mi luz tu eres mi guia/En estos dias de confusion/Con mis palabras de flor te enseño mi corazon/Es el color del universo del amor/Esta energia nunca se acaba viene de la nada porque la poesia es mi espalda" - Zero of El Vuh
    Apr 10 '13 · 1 
  • Apr 2 '13
  • Cuca Bonita and José/Chúy are now friends
    Apr 2 '13 
  • Mar 10 '13
  • José/Chúy commented on their status
    "There's no way I'mma back down you goddamn coward I can't how would I look as a man bowing to his knees like the mad cow disease let somebody lash out at me and not lash back out'em" - Eminem
    Mar 10 '13 · 4 
  • Mar 5 '13
  • José/Chúy commented on elligatora's status
    we had racist fight again today with peace doggy, patty gomez and hamster. These 3 are are racist pussies,coward and like banned people that are against their stupid idea in talking. in case admin wants to know about their beloved mode.
    Mar 5 '13 · 1 
  • Dec 25 '12
  • José/Chúy commented on their status
    Tip to the Moderators: When you are going to kick/ban someone make sure you click their names IN the chat NOT the list to the right; before you kick them because there are clones! I got disconnected and my nick "-Chuy-" didn't leave the chat so I came in as "-Chuy1-" and someone cloned me with "-Chuy2-" and Kasia thought that it was the same person. Good thing she was in there as "patty_gomez" without kicking power or else she would of kicked the wrong person!!

    Also someone can come in as -Chuy- and the name can look identical to mine (using letters from a different language) make sure to click the nick IN the chat or the person being nasty!
    Dec 25 '12 · 9 
  • Dec 12 '12
  • José/Chúy I got banned from the chat. >.
    Dec 12 '12 
  • Oct 21 '12
  • José/Chúy and zeelina are now friends
    Oct 21 '12 
  • José/Chúy and Lula are now friends
    Oct 21 '12 
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