Peter Griffin


  • Peter Griffin Me and my friends using a water slide
    Jun 3 '12 
  • Mar 20 '12
  • Peter Griffin Y al final de la Rambla
    And at the end of the Rambla

    Me encontré con la negra flor
    I met up with the black flower

    Que creció tan hermosa
    That grew so beautiful

    De su tallo enfermizo.
    from its sickly looking stem

    Y al final de la Rambla
    Me encontré con la negra flor
    Mar 20 '12 
  • Nov 25 '11
  • What was your least favorite job like? ¿como fue el peor empleo que has tenido?
    Jobs you hated . Bad experiences at work. El peor empleo que has tenido
    Peter Griffin I have been a  toymaker a  knight and a fisherman. The worst job was  as a fisherman....
    Nov 24 '11 · Discuss · Replies: 8 
  • Does god exist ¿dios existe?
    Here we can talk about the existence of god or not.
    Peter Griffin My wife Lois drags us down to the church every Sunday. I'd much rather be drinking beers while fishi...
    Nov 20 '11 · Discuss · Replies: 17 
  • Peter Griffin joined our site!
    Nov 25 '11 
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