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Guidelines for room moderators.

These are the guidelines for the room moderators :-

Room moderators have special powers to expel unpleasant people.

There are 2 things moderators can do to stop annoying people:

1. Expel them (this means that they disappear from the room but they
can just log back in again)

2. Ban their IP address (this means that it will be difficult for
them to come back quickly). It is difficult to ban someone completely
but it would take a while to get back in after being banned by IP
address so it would be enough to stop a flooder.

NOTE: It is NOT our intention to stop people swearing, talking about
polemic subjects or talking about any subject. It is not our intention
to have any form of censorship.

The idea of the chatroom is to provide an amusing and pleasant place
for people to chat.

However, some people are weird and unpleasant and until now we have had
to endure them.

People should be banned if they continually insult other speakers or
are very disrespectful to other people because of race, religion or any
other reason.

Basically the criterion for banning someone is that they are
unpleasant weirdos who nobody likes because they are unpopular with
the other users.

The room moderators are volunteers who are well respected by the other members.
To be a room moderator you need a password protected username.

Espanglish Friends

Hola a todas:

The problem with the old community is that about 200 spam bot users sign up to it every day and there is no solution. In the community there have been no new users in over 1 year because new users are blocked. I won’t delete the old community.

I decided to install this new system based on wordpress which has better spam protection.

There are some improvements:

  • I have included some more profile questions so you can state where you live and your native language etc.
  • I have included some other user questions so you can find other members quickly.
  • You can enter the chatroom from this community page. Click on the chatroom link at the top.
  • If you are signed in to Espanglish Friends it will sign you into the chatroom using the user name you use in this system.
  • You can login to this community with page with facebook.

Notes: It is a bit confusing because there are 2 profiles. One is the wordpress profile and the other is Buddy Press. Just fill them both in if you have time.

The trouble with using the chatroom in this community is that if you click on anything it logs you out of the chat. To avoid this have 2 tabs open. On for the chatroom and one for other things.

I have asked Sarah Barnes to help me with this new community. She is a young dynamic kind person not a grumpy old man like me.

If you have any suggestions about how to improve this just tell me.

Please sign up to the new version.