Espanglishchat Vote for Moderators.


After deleting the suspicious repeat votes from the same area.
Peace doggy is the only person with a positive score.
He will be handed the keys to the admin area in a simple ceremony tomorrow.

Follow and Judas asked to be removed from the vote.
Many thanks to our friend Norah for participating in the election.
We are glad to have a Muslim in our community.

Please do not make any new votes.

You can vote for possible moderators on this page.
How you should vote.
The role of a moderator is to ban people who are flooding.
In very extreme cases they can also ban someone who is ruining the chatroom by being very obnoxious.
The very obnoxious people are probably mentally ill but they should go to a doctor for treatment not be in our chatroom.
The moderator has to be a stable person who will expel the flooders.
The moderator must only ban people in extreme cases and must never abuse their power.

Aqui puedes votar para los moderadores.
El papel de un moderador es espulsar los flooders (personas que inundan el chat para fastidiar el resto)
En casos muy extremos tambien pueden expulsar las personas especialmente odiosas que destrozan el ambiente del chat.
Las personas odiosas probablamente tengan algun enfermedad mental pero deberian ir a un medico en vez de estar en nuestro chat.
Un moderador tiene que ser una persona equilibrada.
Un moderador solo debe expulsar las personas en casos extremos y nunca debe abusar su poder


This is Galileo whose real name is Jaime Michael

.Alex Fraser Peace Doggy


Maybe Norah would control the chatroom according to Shariah law. No bacon sandwiches while chatting. All woman must wear Burkas from head to toe.

Controlariá el chatroom segun la ley de Sharía. No se podrá comer bocadillos de jamon mientras chatear. La mujeres tendran que llevar puesto burkas.